• Image of 'I Heard a Beat' [Original Painting]
  • Image of 'I Heard a Beat' [Original Painting]
  • Image of 'I Heard a Beat' [Original Painting]

Title: "I Heard a Beat"
Original acrylic and oil painting on Hahnemühle linen-finished paper mounted on an archival board
Size: 14.5 x 18.5 inches framed (included)
Year produced: 2018

Showcasing several vulnerable species of the Amazon Rainforest, due to habitat destruction and unsustainable collection by humans.

“Once, in the forest, I heard a beat, something like a drum or a heart coming from the ground and trees and wind. That underground current stirred a kind of knowing inside me, a kinship and longing, a dream barely remembered that disappeared back to the body….”

All work includes a certificate of authenticity
Does not include the watermark on torso in photo

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Thank you for believing in my creations <3 Each piece is a product of my heart, and I'm so glad that love has found a place in your life. - Sya

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