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Sya is an oil and acrylic painter from Detroit, Michigan.

Raised near Ann Arbor, Michigan by Zen Buddhist parents, Sya grew up heavily influenced by Eastern culture and philosophy. In her home, a “time-out” was synonymous with a 10 minute reflection on the teachings of the Dalai Lama. These life practices became the foundation for her inquisitive nature, which would eventually inspire the themes behind her artwork.

Sya's first love was dancing. During her youth, she studied over a dozen styles of dance and toured Germany and France in a ballet ensemble at the age of 16. After graduating with a B.S. from Eastern Michigan University, she began performing professionally worldwide.

Sya's love of movement clearly manifests in her paintings. She was always fascinated by the perceived dualities of the world, and both painting and dancing allowed exploration of these dynamics.
She felt energized by painting, the same way she was compelled by the silences in a song. Watching fluid lines and figures emerge from nothingness, interacting with negative space in a manner of support and wholeness... she found a new love.