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The Art of Sya

Limited Edition 'Hummingbird Healer' Unframed Art Print


Image of Limited Edition 'Hummingbird Healer' Unframed Art Print

Limited Edition of 10 (in each size)
Signed and numbered by Sya
Certificate of Authenticity included

- Gallery-quality vibrant colors
- Image is centered on lightly textured 100% cotton paper
- Bright-white border

Available sizes:
Small: 12x16 inches
Medium: 16x20 inches

Note: 1 - 2 inch (2.5 - 5cm) borders are added to images and vary according to artwork dimensions

*SHIPPING within 7-10 business days*

Painting description:
Hummingbirds hold spiritual significance in many cultures. Because of their speed, the hummingbird is known as a messenger and stopper of time. With their infinity-shaped wing patterns, they are a symbol for eternity and rebirth, helping us to know that healing can be found by being present in this eternal moment.

Like the hummingbird's flight, our path to enlightenment is also non-linear. As we move through adversity and adapt, we spiral back to parts of us we thought were long gone, again humbling us to the fact that we are only human. Both the hummingbird and lotus have lessons to teach us; in reality, we -are- the present moment. We may perceive ourselves as moving forward or backward, but the wisdom of the heart knows that our evolutional is multidimensional.

Thank you for believing in my creations <3 Each piece is a product of my heart, and your support allows me to keep creating - Sya